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Hi, There you can download APK file "Revolution" for Android free, apk file version is 1.07.08 to download to your android device just click this button. It's easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us

Screenshots of Lineage 2: Revolution
Version history Lineage 2: Revolution
New in Revolution 1.07.08
1) Collaboration Part 2 Added
- Event Field Bosses Added

2) Academy Clan Part 2 Added
- Academy Clan Cloak Added
- Academy Clan Hall Keepers Added

3) 2nd Class Transfer Quests Part 1 Added
- 2nd Class Transfer Quests Added (Up to Quest 4)

4) Fortress Siege Improved
- ’Talking Island’ Fortress Removed
- ‘Giran Territory’ Fortress Added

5) Other Fixes and Improvements
- Sliding Menu Improved
- New Events and Items
New in Revolution 1.06.10
Academy Clan
Equipment Collection
Tower of Insolence Expansion
Chat Reporting Feature

1. Academy Clan Added
Learn about the benefits and features of joining a Clan through the Academy Clan!

2. New Codex: Equipment Collection
Collect equipment and receive additional stats for your character.

3. Tower of Insolence Floor Expansion
Clear up to 120 floors and acquire amazing rewards!

4. New Feature: Chat Reporting
Report any toxic behavior and enjoy a clean chat experience.
New in Revolution 1.05.20
- Marlox&Marsha in summer concept
- Field boss monster: Roc
- New pet mount: Zephyr Roc
- Fixed bug

- Magnadin Town
- Costume Shop
- Enhancing Improvements
- Arabic language added
New in Revolution 1.05.14
Magnadin Town
Costume Shop
Enhancing Improvements
Arabic language added

1. New Town: Magnadin
Enjoy many new features including a Beauty Shop, Account/Character Storage, and Discount Shop.

2. Personalize your hero!
Visit the Costume Shop and stand out from the crowd.

3. Honorable Battlefield Regular Season begins
Team up in a party of 3 for intense 3v3 battles.

4. Safety Enhancement System Added
Use Adena instead of Maphr’s protection for up to enhancement level 20!

5. Arabic Language added
New in Revolution 1.03.16
1. New Dungeon: Temporal RiftEnter the Temporal Rift, a new five-person PVE dungeon. Adventurers will gain access to two new instances: The Altar of Madness and the Countess of Blood’s Boudoir. Fantastic adventures and rewards await!2. 'Cloaks' have been added to the game. A brand-new equipment slot is now available.3. 'Red Rare Equipment' has been added to the game. This new armor is specially designed for PVE.4. New Daily Login Event. Log in every day for free rewards!
New in Revolution 1.02.10
1) The level cap has been increased from 120 to 180.2) A new area, "Giran Territory" has been added. With it comes new quests, a new Field Boss, and more!3) Open Siege and Fortress Siege regular season begins.4) 8 new Fortresses have been added for Fortress Siege.5) A new mount, the Steam Beetle, has been added. Players can acquire this mount by participating in Open Siege.6) New Elite Dungeons have been added to challenge players.
New in Revolution 1.01.06
1)50-vs-50 Fortress SiegeRise and conquer a fortress in the name of your clan! Each week, top clans bid for the right to fight in epic 50-vs-50 battles for control of fortresses across Talking Island.2) 30-vs-30 Open SiegeEveryone can compete in 30-vs-30 Open Siege battles! Upon entering Open Siege, players can choose a max level, fully geared character to use for the duration of the fight. All race and class combinations are available to try!
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